Game Difficulty completed!!

After two days of thinking, testing and cobinations I finally created simple and - I think - cool game difficulty selection system. In current version (wich I release after few more test) works that way:

#1 Game difficulty has two options, easy (by default) and hard.

#2 Every enemy has one common attack and skill wich are always usable if has enough MP and one, up to three more strongers skills wich enemy will use them if a player decides to play on higher difficulty.

#3 Player on hard level will have limited access to some other implemented game systems, In current release for example, upgrading weapons will be more expensive than on easy level.

#4 Some potions will have weaker effects on hard difficulty. 

But before I release an update I need to run some more tests and adjust this modificator. I don't want to make another Dark Souls 3 game, but It has to give a player some challenge, but not so hard making game unplayable.

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