Explanation of Game Dificulty in Star Catcher

I think it's time to explain how game difficulty mechanic influence playing experience for players, so let start from beginig.

Game has two options to choose to play: easy and hard. 

On easy level all enemies you encounter will attack, guard and use one skill (two if this enemy at level 5 or higher)

On hard level enemies will inherit all abilities from easy level, but they can use additional special skill wich can be sometimes devastating (it depends how strong your team is made), also it's worth to mention some HP and MP potions have lowered effects of regeneration approximitly by 15% - 30% depending wich kind potion you use. Small potions have lower factor and bigger have greater factor. Additionaly, weapon upgrade cost is increased by 15%. However this is not implemented in current version 1.0.8, it will be added in release 1.0.9 wich I plan to release on Saturday evening with act II. I was hoping to release it sooner, but current full-time job shift doesn't allow me for that.


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Mar 04, 2019

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