Update 1.1 release

Ok, this is one major update. What you see in this release is final game mechanics how they will look like. Check this demo and tell (if anyone cares) how you like it.

This is list of updates:

  • New user interface
  • Added "Load Game" option in game menu
  • Removed autosave and replaced it with quick save (key [ + ] on keyboard (numpad section))
  • Added "Elite" enemies (more often you meet them on Hard difficulty)
  • More balanced units and heroes.
  • Soulrender has recievied new ability "Mana Transfer" - This skill can replenish small amount of mana for ally
  • There is no death (Knockout state vanish at random turn)
  • Some graphic upgrades.
  • Party skill gauge is little more harder to fill.
  • Added boss near Tallanar's house.
  • Reforged Skill power bonus. Now each party member gain 25 damage for all skills when is victorious. Retreat or defeat decreases this skill bonus by 25. Maximum value of this bonus is 3000.
  • You can change equpiment during battle.
  • Blindness (state) blocks all skills and abilities to retreat and attack - blinded player can only defend.
  • When you loose battle you will be transfered to Afterlife, where you can recover party and pick some exp.
  • Added restoration points for player - step into magic circle to recover whole team.
  • On each level hero exp rate drops by 5% - 10% as well as each level grows MP Cost for skills. [ Read more detailed info ]
  • On Hard Mode heroes gain -50% exp


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Apr 06, 2019

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