Release 1.1.2a

- Added HUD - Press [H] to toggle
- HUD contains detailed reports on all party members - press [R] to toggle it
- Added magic scrolls wich can stun, poison, fire, etc enemies
- Number of enemies on each battle is random, you will never know how much enemies you will fight
- Added Special Ability [Roll of Fate] - Pay 1000 gold to roll a dice. If you roll 6 your strenght will be doubled
- Added Confirmation on retreat from battle.
- Fixes on Telthos skills - Meele attack and Rhino Stomp.
- Fixed Carla's Flame Arrow skill - before was treated as meele instead of magic
- Added Team Point buffs, gaining 50 team points or more causes all your team to grow in strenght during battle
- Final Boss now summon help when HP reaches 30% or below (He does it just once)
- Meeting Battle with Ais is more interactive now
- Some fixes in skill powers
- You can now change game difficulty during game play - Press [L] to do it, but you can change it 3 times.
- Removed black portal from afterlife map, where fallen party is regenerating themselves.
- Added more Red treasure chests on map to help party in battles.
- Added more Skill power bonuses on map, just enter on specific point to gain 20 skill damage points.
- Fixed exp potion, bonus dissapeared when it was used on map instead in battle.
- Defending Team member will recover his own HP and MP, but eats some Team points.
- Gaining Concentration points is even more difficult now, but can be raised by gaining Team points.
- Any actor who reaches another level will be fully recovered.
- Whenever you win battle you may recieve an EXP bonus: Win battle in 1 turn - gain +500XP, win in 3 turns - gain +200XP, win in 5 turns - gain +100XP

And more elegant launcher. :)

Further more, if you have problem with local download you can try download RAR archive or ZIP archive

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