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Nice maps, and beatiful lights atmosphere. And Baba is much cuter than in the stories I've been told. XD

That aside, the texts are indeed sometimes a bit too fast, but I understood the overall context. So this cinematic would be a good trailer for a game, it made me want to know more. Good job!

Hi there ^^

I loved the maps and atmosphere!

But I didn't manage to enjoy the history at all. Don't know if is because English is not my native language, but I see the show texts changing too fast, and I couldn't be able to read all the messages.

Also, there were a lot of names and different places, so I couldn't immerse myself in the universe of this cutscene.

Also, found a crash error: If someone enters the options scene(configuration), when it leaves, an error will occur because the game didn't manage to find the folder "www/save". It's easy to fix!

Just create an empty folder called "www" and inside that one, create another called "save".

Good work! It was nice to play, good luck in the contest! ^^

Slavic culture and folklore is hard to understand, but I Didnt know that subtitles are too fast... Ah perhaps due the fact Im a fast Reader, of course Ill fix This Save error and increase duration of subtitles. Thank you for reply and have a good day. Sorry for grammar error, but im on phone

The lighting in this is SICK (super good)!  Is that terraX? I've been messing with terraX_lighting for a year now, and this simply blows away all the lighting I've done so far. XD

Thank you for the reply :)

No, it's not Terrax's plugin, it's Khas Lightning plugin. Actually, I could say, this is a piece of my main project, meaning the Baba Yaga cinematic runs on the same settings as my game.

Yaga is a very beautiful sprite. I hope you make a full game about this. Your map skills are awesome and I love those effects.

Thank you very much. I always try to make nice looking sprites ;)