Update #5

Patch 1.1F - 03.10.2021

- Added preview of heroes skills

- Autosave feature is now not tedious as before.

- Lantern burn time extended by 57%

- Added some more hints in game

- Increased number of difficulty levels to six

- Hud now is hiding in first hut when player picks items from shelf

- Far more improved system of refilling lantern

- Fixed bug with no music when session was picked with continue option

- Removed jump (there's no need to jump at all)

- Increased Exp from enemies and slightly lowered exp table

- Fixed Tigers item descriptions.

- Added map (item) for Tower Of Illusions in 4th chapter.

- Minor fixes with experience chests scattered on maps.

- Fixed bug with HUD, when player reached max level.

- Fixed background on 2nd floor of Tower Of illusions.

- Lich on 3rd floor on hard mode is a little easier to kill.

- Added Action icons for NPC's in 4th chapter.


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Oct 03, 2021

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