* Small Grammar fixes

* WorldMap now shows the image of the island

* Potion "Blue Kamikaze" now gives the following traits:

- HP regeneration +5%

- MP regeneration +5%

- Chance for evading melee attack +15%

- Chance for counter attack +15%

* Added description for items with "This item has no description yet"

* Fixed dialog where the hero not present in the team was saying.

* When answering wrong questions in Bridgekeeper player was teleported to a broken location.

* Fixed passage on the drawer in Trishia's Shop.

* Fixed passage on a bench in Whisperblade.

* Fixed weather in Pawnshop located in Whisperblade

* Fixed flickering interaction icon in a secret room.

* Fixed passage on the staircase in Whisperblade.

* Fixed passage downstairs in prof. Holmberg's Castle.

* Item "Sacred Book Of Strength" now has a price in the shop.

* Fixed movement of members of Guild "Shadow Dragons" in their house.

* Fixed problem when entering Isilynora's room, player couldn't leave it.

* Fixed problem with dialog after defeating Erelim.

* Fixed glitched dialog in Bulmeth's brewery.

* Fixed problem with exchanging coins in bankers if the player typed 0 value.

* Fixed problem when entering Rainhard's room.

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