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A middle aged wizard, Tallanar lives calm life on fictional island located in bermuda triangle. Tallanar is quite unique wizard because he always listen to his instincts. It manifestates by talking with his imaginary friend, Myrica, it turns out he's schizofrenic wizard.

Ten years ago when Tallanar attended to local magic academy he hidden that fact in process of rectrutation. After two years Principal found that fact and exiled him... For

almost ten years no one cared or even remembered Tallanar...

Tallanar lived quietly in peacefully in Amaranth Groove living from academy's bursary and

making small labors around island. For couple weeks started vanishing powerful magical

artefacts from major magic acadiemies and mage guilds, items containing very large amount of magic energy. Local investigators failed to catch a thief, helpless authorities started desperately seek help with investigation asking for help mercenaries, neighbour cities, even church get involved in this case.

At the same time when the robberies started, on island appeared mysterious stones, stones that glow with different colors and reacted only with people who could use magic, but the effects were simple, only when they got in interaction with Tallanar effects were more promissing.

One of respectful teachers from academy where Tallanar attended, Mitrik in secret went to

Tallanar to ask him for help, after difficult talk Tallanar agreed to help find a thief... During the journey you will meet new friends and discover who is the thief and eventually Tallanar finds his most desired thing, true love. Team togheter agree to follow it, stop him, recover stolen items and serve justice to the thief.

When team eventually finds the thief's hideout our friends, including Tallanar will learn a secret about main protagonist that even he didn't know, that he comes from powerful linage of Rukk...

Explore large world, discover secrets hidden around island, fight various enemies and creatures, unlock hidden skills and combine them with items you can find and enter mysterious land that dwells far away from normal humans.

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Hello! Some good news is that for some reason this version was able to download itself on my PC correctly so I could play it. The bad news is that I think it's buggy at being slower than it should be as it was waaay to slow to move the characters. I tried your online version again and the speed is much faster, but I'm still the type of guy who likes to be able to dash in the game I don't know if others feel the same way but that's my first feedback.

Unfortunately my save file keeps getting lost on the online version, but I'm going to try the online version a second time soon and see how far I can get in it. I've only seen the introduction so far, but basically everything is very likeable and enjoyable. You have a good and interesting story from the start and it's fun to interact with objects and get things, I liked the spirit doll battle thing and the skillsets and how you can explore different places.

I don't know if they're optional or not, but it feels that way and is very fun. Mapping is excellent too. 

The game is otherwise very beautifully presented and I like the choice of music

Unfortunate that's all the feedback I can give for now, but if I get somewhere with the online version I'll let you know. Good luck with what you add and do next with RPG Maker!

I see you know how to take a good screenshot, don't you? lol

Judging from the screenshots, i think your mapping is decent, but the lighting is really out of place, like the 3rd one, it's really bright to the point it hurts my eyes. And since these are just lighting, so i think you could fix them with ease? Btw, good luck to your project my dude.

These are an old screenshots :) There were some fixes, but the lightning in 3rd Screen remain untouched - It supose to simulate hot summer weather :) But I'll work on it to make it more "friendly" :)

Hey, I got it to work. Unfortunately, my pc couldn't handle it for long. Here's my review of what I did get to play.

The game starts with a choice between easy and hard, no normal. I chose hard because I figured I wouldn't be able to enjoy easy at my skill level, though hard was an intimidating choice as I don't know how hard  "hard" really is. The game also lets you skip the introduction if you want. I chose to watch it. 

As far as prologue/introductions go, it was done well. The introduction wasn't explaining the world or the characters or the story, it was the story. So, good intro. The actual starting scene, which had the same characters, could use some work. The characters speak with good emotion, and have some differing facial expressions, but their physical avatars in the game are doing nothing. NOTHING! You can do better than that. The same way you displayed emotion in their voice and picture, you can have the characters in game bodies be emotional and move around and react as well.

When the character got up to move around, it became more apparent that the game was lagging. My pc isn't up to par as far as gamers go, and probably due to that, the scene started suffering big slowdowns. I feel that the scene was just a bit longer than a starting scene should be, as far as games that don't have huge budgets go, and the slowdown only made that worse. 

I loved all the customization options, and all the preference choices but even though I turned always sprint on, the character was moving way too slowly. Getting through the entire house was a chore at that speed and I was hoping for it to speed up once I got outside.

I did the tutorial battle, which didn't go too slowly, and I noted one interesting thing there. You had the "skill" choice located at the bottom of the selections. Although I could scroll up and wrap around to the bottom, that made me wonder if the skills weren't something that was going to be used often. Instead, attack and guard were the most easily accessible options. 

After the tutorial, the character mentioned that they were afraid of heights. I love that! You were weaving information about the character into the game as it progressed, so I as the audience was learning more about him as I played rather than learning everything there is to know about him at once. The mystical objects in the game also had in world/lore explanations for existing. I also loved this, because it made everything seemed like it really belonged and that it was it's own world rather than a computer program. I'm not sure if I agree with the music choice for the start, though. It was too much like skygazing/chill night relaxation for me.

Going outside of the house threw my computer into the mud. It slowed down SO MUCH! I can only guess that this was because of all the effects. The effects were awesome to look at but they were probably what ate up all of my RAM. Not a big fan of that, though it looks good. 

The writing needed to be cleaned up. I know it's a translation, but an editor needs to hit that text, hard! I also think that the text could use more space breaks, between sentences, to control the pacing and give it more oomph as you read. 

For improvements I would say, if you could find a way to reduce the RAM that's being eaten up, that would be the best thing you could do (then I could play more of the game.) Next would be to add emotion to character avatars as they talk, have their actual bodies do stuff. Also, let the character sprint faster! Please! I'm not sure if that's a problem on better pc's but he moved so slow, does he walk through the whole start? I can be impatient but really I just wanted to get to more of the game! Also, get the dialogue cleaned up.

Even though I didn't get to play everything, I hope my review helps, if even a little!

I still haven't checked your game, I will when I'm done with my game please keep doing what you are doing you really are trying as I've seen so far.

Thank you, so far I didn't do much because of my regular job. I entered moment in my job where there are lot of orders and we are basicly forced to work overtime... I will post some news later if things in my company will change. The weather also isn't helping in making starcatcher... For several days it's extremly hot outside. Yesterday in the morning at 5am it was already 28 Celsius degrees...

Thank you for your rating! And yes I used Khas' Plugin on that game. Please don't say my game is better or something like that I feel really bad when this happens... Your game was really good with a lot of quests and stuff  hope you keep it going! Maybe we can make a game together sometime... If I ever have any time again. And about facebook, I don't use it, it's kinda old now isn't it? :d


Hah, actually I don't use facebook - then I take some time and make some communication platform. And making together a game? This is brilliant idea and I cannot wait when I finally finnish my game and we start collaborate with new project. :)

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Hi there! I like the looks of your game, it looks good! I wanted to try the demo but for some reason anytime I download it and try to unzip it, it starts to unzip but, then can't unzip the bin file and says the bin file is corrupted, then stops unzipping. For this reason I can't play the game.

Do you know if there is a way around that? Maybe I can download a .exe, or the folder itself instead of a win rar zip? Or maybe something just needs changing and then another version would unzip for me? Thanks!

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It might happen that bin is corrupted, but I tested few days ago this archive on my friend's computer and work's fine, sure we had some stress when game didn't launched for short time (~10 seconds) but I noticed his Antivirus (Avast) was checking files, but in the end game launched perfectly. 

Because of limitations on itch.io (max 500 files per game) I made online version on indiexpo.net - you can play it online there. I suggest using Opera or Chrome browser for most compability. Have fun :)

Online version is a little bit outdated, but there are not that much differences between this upload and online version. You can check differences on my private development log (latest post)

Please tell me, what archiver do you use? I packed game with 7zip

(I packed it with compression method PPMd)

Ok. For me because it does not fully unzip I can't load game on PC. The archiver I use is winRAR. I also use Windows 10. Maybe that is why?

I will try 7Zip, if it still does not work I will try the online demo sometime soon.

Online demo works for me, but I'll play it sometime soon.

Some gorgeous lighting going on in this game. And so far I like the music.

The translation could use some work but it's understandable. The world is nice to look at and interesting. Pretty nice looking demo. How close are you to finishing?

Pretty far away... Demo contains only one act, where team is gathering. Scenario has in total 10 acts. But for now I'm not making maps or write dialouges. Now I focused on balancing actor classess and enemies. Implementing some new and - I think so - interesting game mechanics. Like this one [ Blindness ]. Yes, I'm aware of my shitty english (it's been many years since I used to speak in english), but I already signed up for some additional english course. Thank you for your interest in my project. I don't know do you like anime or not, but whole game is (will be) made like my favourite anime - The Slayers. One major plot, many side adventures and affairs to solve and all put in black comedy style with some spice of romance. But as I mentioned it all will develop later. What I can say now I work on this project 4 - 5 hours per day (weekends 7 - 9 hours). If you are interested you can check progress at my personal development log. I don't post here (itch.io) much since it's only demo because I want release my game in the best quality I can, considering this is my first serious project.

Awesome! And I do like anime, I'll check out your progress on that dev log

It's a big project and looks like it's going well so far keep it up 


Thank you!

If you wish, you can check updated version online on Indiexpo because this instalation is pretty outdated :P