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Star Catcher - Is a story about a middle-aged wizard, the schizophrenic Tallanar, who was asked to find a thief who stole some very specific magic and alchemic items to create the ultimate sorcerer. 

During this adventure wich is located on fictional island Enreve (north-east side of bermuda triangle) you'll meet several characters and employ them in your the team, such as a pyromancer, a cryomancer, a warrior, a shaman*, a cleric and others. 
This playable demo provides approx 1h - 2h of gameplay where you can check out 
all the finished systems and upcoming features. This demo contains:

- 720p resolution (There were no point in making a game in 1080p resolution)
- Gamepad support
- Khas Lightning effects
- PIXI.js special effects
- Fully upgradeable weapons **
- Improved skill learn system and skill damage (check in battle how they works)
- Modified Critical Hit system (Critical damage value raises with hero's level)
- Modified TP values (Max limit raises with hero's level)
- 30 Save Game Slots (Slot #30 is reserved for checkpoints and Autosaves)
- Party support points

* - Shaman is not available in demo
** - full version will allow to upgrade any element of equpiment.

During this demo you will experience personal dramas of heroes, black humour and romance - in further development states, traps, riddles to solve,point and click mechanics, custom actions on objects, two difficulty levels, custom meelee attacks for heroes, skill system designed from absolute begining, tactical points replaced with degeneration points wich are required to cast more powerfull spells and fun part, how skills are learned with gaining heroes levels and so:
level 1 - primary skill - one target
level 2 - secondary skill - all targets, charges concentration points
level 3 - super skill - all targets, consumes concentration points and party support points.
level 6 - Divine skill - all targets, consumes concentration points and party support 

level 8 - Instant Kill ability, usable only 5 times during whole gameplay.

points, may become devastating on certain types of enemies.
(For more info please look at readme.pdf file included in demo).
But what kind of game would be if heroes wouldn't have some passive abilities, also for them please take a look into pdf file included in demo. This game is still under strict development, so if you are interested in this projects future, please follow me at itch.io for updates and devlogs.

Special Thanks for my friend DimosAdonis with some help with synopsis.

Following issues that where not yet fixed:

- No Bitmap in shop window :(

Install instructions

Star Catcher First run user manual:

#1 - Download game

#2 - Install in your desired directory (default C:\Soulrender\Star Catcher Demo)

#3 - Run game with launcher.exe*

* Warning! This game was tested only on 3 PCs with installed Windows 7 64bit. If you have installed Windows 10 and game won't run, try to set play.exe with compability mode with Windows 7 64bit.


starCatcherDemo1.1.2a.exe 137 MB

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I still haven't checked your game, I will when I'm done with my game please keep doing what you are doing you really are trying as I've seen so far.

Thank you, so far I didn't do much because of my regular job. I entered moment in my job where there are lot of orders and we are basicly forced to work overtime... I will post some news later if things in my company will change. The weather also isn't helping in making starcatcher... For several days it's extremly hot outside. Yesterday in the morning at 5am it was already 28 Celsius degrees...

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Hi there! I like the looks of your game, it looks good! I wanted to try the demo but for some reason anytime I download it and try to unzip it, it starts to unzip but, then can't unzip the bin file and says the bin file is corrupted, then stops unzipping. For this reason I can't play the game.

Do you know if there is a way around that? Maybe I can download a .exe, or the folder itself instead of a win rar zip? Or maybe something just needs changing and then another version would unzip for me? Thanks!

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It might happen that bin is corrupted, but I tested few days ago this archive on my friend's computer and work's fine, sure we had some stress when game didn't launched for short time (~10 seconds) but I noticed his Antivirus (Avast) was checking files, but in the end game launched perfectly. 

Because of limitations on itch.io (max 500 files per game) I made online version on indiexpo.net - you can play it online there. I suggest using Opera or Chrome browser for most compability. Have fun :)

Online version is a little bit outdated, but there are not that much differences between this upload and online version. You can check differences on my private development log (latest post)

Please tell me, what archiver do you use? I packed game with 7zip

(I packed it with compression method PPMd)

Ok. For me because it does not fully unzip I can't load game on PC. The archiver I use is winRAR. I also use Windows 10. Maybe that is why?

I will try 7Zip, if it still does not work I will try the online demo sometime soon.

Online demo works for me, but I'll play it sometime soon.

Some gorgeous lighting going on in this game. And so far I like the music.

The translation could use some work but it's understandable. The world is nice to look at and interesting. Pretty nice looking demo. How close are you to finishing?

Pretty far away... Demo contains only one act, where team is gathering. Scenario has in total 10 acts. But for now I'm not making maps or write dialouges. Now I focused on balancing actor classess and enemies. Implementing some new and - I think so - interesting game mechanics. Like this one [ Blindness ]. Yes, I'm aware of my shitty english (it's been many years since I used to speak in english), but I already signed up for some additional english course. Thank you for your interest in my project. I don't know do you like anime or not, but whole game is (will be) made like my favourite anime - The Slayers. One major plot, many side adventures and affairs to solve and all put in black comedy style with some spice of romance. But as I mentioned it all will develop later. What I can say now I work on this project 4 - 5 hours per day (weekends 7 - 9 hours). If you are interested you can check progress at my personal development log. I don't post here (itch.io) much since it's only demo because I want release my game in the best quality I can, considering this is my first serious project.

Awesome! And I do like anime, I'll check out your progress on that dev log

It's a big project and looks like it's going well so far keep it up 


Thank you!

If you wish, you can check updated version online on Indiexpo because this instalation is pretty outdated :P

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Please feel free. I can even help you with your project :)

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